Mohd. Nur Hanif bin Raimi, Flmmey Census, Ahmad Zakwan bin Abdullah

This innovation is created to tackle some problems in English teaching and learning process as pupils have low motivation to participate in English learning activities due to their low proficiency, pupils have short attention span and get distracted easily if they found the lesson is boring, interactive learning is not well-implemented because of facilities and equipment limitations and teachers are having hard time to do assessment especially in speaking and writing because they hardly cannot complete the task given. So, the objectives of this innovation are to encourage pupils’ engagement in English learning activity, attract pupils’ interest in learning through digital approach and to make assessment process easier for teacher. Plickers is a rapid-response classroom-polling app that lets teachers use one mobile device to scan papers cards for student’s responses. The functions of this app is adapted for English learning activities where it can be done both online and offline.  Both interactive and anonymous, Plickers is an activity that students can enjoy and feel comfortable participating in.

Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Kent
Peti Surat 2
89207 Tuaran Sabah



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