Erina Nazihah binti Mohd Johari

‘’Fill(ter) Your Life With Colours For Teaching Comparative and Superlative’’ was a digital innovation I had invented to enhance the mastery of using comparative and superlative adjectives among primary year 4 pupils. This innovation incorporates trialogical concept learning in term of figuring the images and colours to the adjectives. It also helps to increase pupils’ motivation and interest in learning comparative and superlative adjectives using interactive filter. One of the impact of my innovation was it increase pupils’ span of attention. Result from the questionnaire was 75% of the respondents agree on the question ‘’ I think the use of the product enables the pupils to be more active and engaging in the lesson’’. Pupils in class were more active and engage with lesson using the filter. It was proven the innovation was a success. The filter is easy to use and can be access anywhere using smartphones, laptops and tablets. Moreover, pupils are well aware of how to use the filter even before this innovation created hence makes it easier for my pupils to access and use it.

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